Bitcoin Teetering At Between Support Pivot & MA Resistance

The Crypto King, Bitcoin, has dropped below the $40,000 mark again. Price broke below the 50 and 100 day supports yesterday, closing the day down -$3197 (7.54%) from the daily high. Despite the sell-off Bitcoin bulls still have a few reasons to remain hopeful. The first is that during todays trading price has held aboveContinue reading “Bitcoin Teetering At Between Support Pivot & MA Resistance”

Ethereum at key resistance

ETH/USD has traded into an extremely significant resistance on the daily chart (1D Chart) at the $3380 price. The level first formed as a support in October of 2021, and was traded into on the 4th of December 2021 in a flash crash. Price again rejected this level as a resistance throughout January, and nowContinue reading “Ethereum at key resistance”

Crypto Appears Bullish As US Lawmakers Introduce “ECASH” Bill

Crypto holders globally have been excited with the recent upturn in popular cryptocurrency markets. A group of US lawmakers have declared that the US Treasury Department may be the right entity to create a digital dollar – not the Federal Reserve. The “ECASH” bill (introduced 28/3/22), as it is being branded, would authorize just that.Continue reading “Crypto Appears Bullish As US Lawmakers Introduce “ECASH” Bill”

El Salvador Postpones the Bitcoin Bond

El Salvador has been the global champion of Bitcoin over the last year, having purchased a significant amount of the cryptocurrency for . El Salvador announced plans to build a “Bitcoin City” in November of 2021. This “Bitcoin City” was planned to be funded by the sale of Bitcoin Bonds. Unfortunately for El Salvador theContinue reading “El Salvador Postpones the Bitcoin Bond”

Ukraine Signs Virtual Asset Bill as Nation Receives >$100M in crypto donations

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy officially legalized cryptocurrencies in the Ukraine. Zelenskyy signed a bill on virtual assets that determines the legal status, classification, ownership, and regulators for crypto service providers. The Ukraine’s National Commission on Securities and the Stock Market will regulate the market, and Exchanges will be able to operate legally. Ukrainian banks will alsoContinue reading “Ukraine Signs Virtual Asset Bill as Nation Receives >$100M in crypto donations”

Black Friday Crypto Moves, El Salvador Doubles Down on BTC, Celsius CFO Arrested

Bitcoin rose on Sunday, recovering from the losses it experienced on Black Friday. Interestingly enough, many analysts are tying the 8% drop in price to concerns about the new Omicron strain of Covid-19 (I know, we’re all over hearing about new reasons for governments to enforce lockdowns, aka “strains”). Prices for many altcoins also plummetedContinue reading “Black Friday Crypto Moves, El Salvador Doubles Down on BTC, Celsius CFO Arrested”

ETH/USD Downside! 16 Nov 2021

Ethereum has made a significant drop in the last 24 hours as Biden’s infrastructure plan was approved today. The infrastructure plan had an obscure cryptocurrency tax reporting requirement. We’re capitalising on the downside pressure, targeting Ethereum downside into the $3750 level. Downside target: 3750 Violated above: 4900

US Banks To Accept & Hold Cryptocurrencies?

Jelena Mcwilliams – Chairwoman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation says that says that US officials are looking to hold cryptocurrencies in order to keep control over the asset in an interview with Reuters. The push to make the asset class main-stream would involve rules over holding cryptocurrency in custody to facilitate client trading, useContinue reading “US Banks To Accept & Hold Cryptocurrencies?”

Ethereum & Bitcoin Test All Time Highs

Ethereum and Bitcoin are both testing all time highs, however whether they will push to news levels remains questionable. Bitcoin (BTC/USD) Bitcoin has broken into the 60,000+ dollar range, and is fast approaching the $64,895 all time high. The RSI is again showing overextended levels, however the ADX is starting to increase, showing that thisContinue reading “Ethereum & Bitcoin Test All Time Highs”

Crypto Gains Mainstream Popularity In Aus!

Whether Cryptocurrencies are the future remains hot topic, with strong arguments on both sides of the debate. Crypto fanatics are celebrating in Australia at the moment however, as main stream investors get on board. What Happen For Crypto In Australia? Two large Australian fund managers (Betashares and ETF Securities) announced they were getting into crypto,Continue reading “Crypto Gains Mainstream Popularity In Aus!”