Q1 Close – Crypto Market Recap

In Q1 we saw some very bearish action for a lot of cryptocurrencies, and one of the bigger losers, Cardano (ADA), dropped around 40% during Q1, before making a recovery. Towards the end of the quarter cryptocurrencies made significant recoveries, with Bitcoin trading back into the quarter open level. Below you can see how Bitcoin,Continue reading “Q1 Close – Crypto Market Recap”

El Salvador Postpones the Bitcoin Bond

El Salvador has been the global champion of Bitcoin over the last year, having purchased a significant amount of the cryptocurrency for . El Salvador announced plans to build a “Bitcoin City” in November of 2021. This “Bitcoin City” was planned to be funded by the sale of Bitcoin Bonds. Unfortunately for El Salvador theContinue reading “El Salvador Postpones the Bitcoin Bond”

ETH/USD – Ready To Drop Again?

Ethereum looks set to take another beating in the coming week, with price still being held below the resistance trendline. Ethereum is currently trading at 2,547 USD, and the resistance trendline lies just above price, capping the upside. We’re looking for a break below the support trendline, with sustained downside to the 1800 level. Entry:Continue reading “ETH/USD – Ready To Drop Again?”


LTC/USD has traded into a key resistance level at the $100 mark. We’re looking for price to bounce from this price towards the downside. Technically price is holding the downtrend, and the $100 figure has been a support / resistance level historically. Downside target: $92.00 Violated above: $104.00 Entry: At Market

BTC/USD Bouncing from trendline support – what next?

BTC/USD has made a rebound from the daily trendline support, but is still capped by the resistance trendline. We are anticipating upside on bitcoin today on the short term timeframe, but overall are bearish. We’re looking for price to fill the inbalance on the 1H chart (see below). The RSI has also breached overextended levels,Continue reading “BTC/USD Bouncing from trendline support – what next?”

Money Flowing Out Of Crypto Markets At Record Speed

Digital Asset investments funds saw outflows of USD 142 million last week in the largest weekly outflow on record. Investors pulled money out of funds focused on bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Polkadot and other key crypto’s as the market turned red. After a 17 consecutive week run of inflows the tide of investment changed, and reversedContinue reading “Money Flowing Out Of Crypto Markets At Record Speed”

BTC Down, Square’s White Paper, The Bitcoin City Emerging

Bitcoin underperformed over the last few days, whilst alt coins experience increased demand. Bitcoin declined nearly 10% last week, however SOL rose 8%, and Eth rose 5%. Why is Bitcoin underperforming? Bitcoin now has significant exposure to price manipulation given the discrepancies between BTC/USD and BTC/USDT, as well as leveraged trading on the perpetual futuresContinue reading “BTC Down, Square’s White Paper, The Bitcoin City Emerging”

ETH Hits ATH, BTC Stumbles, Australia Makes Crypto Mainstream?

Ether, the worlds #2 most popular cryptocurrency, printed fresh all time highs yesterday as the crypto bull market continues. Eth traded above the previous days 4,600 USD high. This was following the Fed’s announcement of tapering asset purchases, but holding their perspective that high inflation would prove “transitory”. The Fed’s complacency regarding inflation implies theyContinue reading “ETH Hits ATH, BTC Stumbles, Australia Makes Crypto Mainstream?”

US Banks To Accept & Hold Cryptocurrencies?

Jelena Mcwilliams – Chairwoman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation says that says that US officials are looking to hold cryptocurrencies in order to keep control over the asset in an interview with Reuters. The push to make the asset class main-stream would involve rules over holding cryptocurrency in custody to facilitate client trading, useContinue reading “US Banks To Accept & Hold Cryptocurrencies?”