Bitcoin a Buy? Still no.

That’s quite a bold article title. We’re not saying that Bitcoin isn’t a worthwhile investment for the long term, but in the short term there are some signs of further downside still. Looking at the year to date chart (start of 2022 to now) the bearish market trend is all too obvious. Since opening theContinue reading “Bitcoin a Buy? Still no.”

BTC/USD Analysis – Here’s Our bitcoin playbook for May

Bitcoin has been moving sideways so far in 2022, ranging between $34,000 USD and $48,000. The flagship cryptocurrency’s $14,000 range could be about to break however, and we want to make sure our followers our ready for whatever scenario. Bitcoin 1W Chart Overview On the weekly chart the 50 through to the 500 moving averagesContinue reading “BTC/USD Analysis – Here’s Our bitcoin playbook for May”

BTC/USD Ranging – Downside to $23,000 Next?

Bitcoin has been ranging since the start of the year, caught between resistance at $45,000 and support at $35,000. We anticipate the $45,000 mark to hold as resistance, and the $35,000 support to break, leading to downside into the $23,000 figure. That said, if bitcoin is able to make a sustained move above the $45,000Continue reading “BTC/USD Ranging – Downside to $23,000 Next?”

BTC/USD Bouncing from trendline support – what next?

BTC/USD has made a rebound from the daily trendline support, but is still capped by the resistance trendline. We are anticipating upside on bitcoin today on the short term timeframe, but overall are bearish. We’re looking for price to fill the inbalance on the 1H chart (see below). The RSI has also breached overextended levels,Continue reading “BTC/USD Bouncing from trendline support – what next?”