SOL/USD Upside – 29 Nov 2021

SOL/USD has retraced into the 50% fibonacci support level and trendline support. We’re looking for price to continue upside into the 250 level. Upside Target: 250 Violated below: 180

LTC/USD Upside – 24 Nov 2021

Litecoin has made a pullback into support at the daily trendline and previous structure. I’m looking for price to make a bounce from this region in the next few days of trading. Upside Target: 280 Violated Below: 170

AXS/USD Upside – 23 Nov 2021

We are looking for upside on AXS (Axie Infinity / US Dollar) today, as the token has stabilised at support. The token can also be staked at 100%+ per annum, incentivising buyers to hodl. Upside target: 175 Violated below: 112

ADA/USD Downside – 22 Nov 2021

ADA/USD is moving to the downside aggressively now, holding below the 4H 50 moving average. The RSI is pointing to continued downside, and we are targeting the 61.8% Fibonacci level extension. Downside Target: 1.400 Violated Above: 2.100

MANA/USD Downside – 17 Nov 2021

Mana/usd has enjoyed a pump following Facebook / Meta news, however price has lost its upside momentum and we’re now looking for a drop from the resistance trendline. Downside target: 2.300 Violated Above: 3.800

DASH/USD Upside!

DASH/USD is starting to take off, as the crypto bull market is heating up. DASH is set to follow suite of Litecoin yesterday, breaking back above the 200 USD mark, and running to the upside. We’re targeting a double in price (nearly) with relatively low risk. Upside target: 400 Violated below: 175

SOL/USD Downside? 9 Nov 2021

Solana against the USD has enjoyed a great bull rally, however technical analysis now points to downside. Price has rebounded out of the 61.8% fibonacci extension level, and we anticipate a retracement into the previous highs. The 4H RSI is also indicating bearish divergence, and we are looking for a move to the 220 level.Continue reading “SOL/USD Downside? 9 Nov 2021”

LTC/USD Upside – 9 Nov 2021

Litecoin has made a clear break back above the key 200 USD level, and now we’re looking for bullish pressure to continue above the $300 level. Upside Target: 320 Violated Below: 190

Polkadot prints fresh ATH!

Polkadot has printed fresh all time highs against the US Dollar, as the crypto bull market begins heating up again. In terms of architecture, Polkadot has many similarities with Eth 2.0. Both technologies use sharding as a way of increasing processing capacity, and each deploy a central chain responsible for maintaining the state and securityContinue reading “Polkadot prints fresh ATH!”

RARI/USD Upside! 4 Nov 2021

Rari is trending to the upside currently, and is holding above the support trendline. The RSI is steadily trading bullish, and price is now filling the wick to the upside. Violated Below: 21.00 Upside Target: 26.00