Bitcoin a Buy? Still no.

That’s quite a bold article title. We’re not saying that Bitcoin isn’t a worthwhile investment for the long term, but in the short term there are some signs of further downside still. Looking at the year to date chart (start of 2022 to now) the bearish market trend is all too obvious. Since opening theContinue reading “Bitcoin a Buy? Still no.”

Luna is dead. Here is our take!

For those of you living under a rock for the past week, Luna has fallen from the heavens, trading from the ATH of $119 USD down to < $0.001in less than 40 days. The Terra algorithmic “stable coin” UST also has broken the “peg” to the USD, with the stable coin now trading at $0.08Continue reading “Luna is dead. Here is our take!”

Crypto Update & May Outlook

First lets have a look at what Bitcoin is up to – we recently wrote that BTC has bullish seasonal tendency in May Since we made that post bitcoin has stayed in the same trading range that we outlined, failing to form a trend. We are continuing to look for a break of the tradingContinue reading “Crypto Update & May Outlook”

ETH/USD Resistance Looming – 2 May 2022

Ethereum is approaching a mid-term resistance area Ethereum is trading into a structure support / resistance zone, around the 61.8% fibonacci level. The level also has the added confluence of the resistance trendline and the previous structure zone. We’re looking to see how price interacts with this zone. If price holds below we will lookContinue reading “ETH/USD Resistance Looming – 2 May 2022”

BTC/USD Analysis – Here’s Our bitcoin playbook for May

Bitcoin has been moving sideways so far in 2022, ranging between $34,000 USD and $48,000. The flagship cryptocurrency’s $14,000 range could be about to break however, and we want to make sure our followers our ready for whatever scenario. Bitcoin 1W Chart Overview On the weekly chart the 50 through to the 500 moving averagesContinue reading “BTC/USD Analysis – Here’s Our bitcoin playbook for May”


CRO/USD closed yesterdays trading bullish, Having held above the support trendline. Recently price broke the wedge pattern to the upside, a bullish indicator. We’re looking for’s Cronos token to trade back into the $0.65 figure, and potentially further above. Upside target: $0.65 Violated below: $0.3 Entry: at market

AXS/USD at Key Support

Axie Infinity is holding the $45 support level today, after a multi-week tumble. Price has tumbled around 30% over the last two weeks after losing $625M to a hacking incident. AXS/USD broke the descending trendline earlier this year, after a multi month bearish market. Price has now traded back into support, raising the question “shouldContinue reading “AXS/USD at Key Support”

Bitcoin Teetering At Between Support Pivot & MA Resistance

The Crypto King, Bitcoin, has dropped below the $40,000 mark again. Price broke below the 50 and 100 day supports yesterday, closing the day down -$3197 (7.54%) from the daily high. Despite the sell-off Bitcoin bulls still have a few reasons to remain hopeful. The first is that during todays trading price has held aboveContinue reading “Bitcoin Teetering At Between Support Pivot & MA Resistance”

Q9 Launches Automated Portfolio Investments for Crypto Investors

Q9 Capital, a crypto investment platform for individuals and institutions, has launched Auto-Invest to  deliver systematic investment strategies to the digital asset market and address the growing demand  for convenient portfolio management tools in the sector.  Traditional finance is awash with passive investment strategies such as exchange traded funds  (ETFs) and robo-advisors that have enabledContinue reading “Q9 Launches Automated Portfolio Investments for Crypto Investors”