Cryptocurrencies as a whole are in a bear market. There’s no denying it. But even in the darkest of times light can be found, regardless of asset class. Cryptocurrencies are no exception.

Our diamond in the rough is Axie Infinity (Token: AXS); we’ve written about AXS before, as their project is a more promising than others in the industry.

AXS/USD 1D Chart, 22 Jun 2022

Price is re-entering the consolidation zone prior to the bull market. From the all time high at $171 price is now trading at $14. That does not leave a whole lot of room left for downside.

The Axie Infinity Project

Axie Infinity have a metaverse that has been rapidly adopted, with over $3.6B traded in their marketplace, over 2.8M users, and an $820,000 NFT being the most expensive Axie ever sold (a piece of land in Axie’s metaverse). Users can stake axie for fantastic yields.


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