Q9 Launches Automated Portfolio Investments for Crypto Investors

Q9 Capital, a crypto investment platform for individuals and institutions, has launched Auto-Invest to  deliver systematic investment strategies to the digital asset market and address the growing demand  for convenient portfolio management tools in the sector. 

Traditional finance is awash with passive investment strategies such as exchange traded funds  (ETFs) and robo-advisors that have enabled low cost, easy and diversified options for millions of underserved  people across the globe. Yet crypto has until now been a largely DIY asset class dominated by active  trading platforms that lack simple investment solutions. 

Q9’s first-to-market Auto-Invest solution, the Savings Plan, fills this white space, helps clients accumulate digital assets over the long term and put their crypto investing on autopilot. 

Q9 Capital Auto-Invest product

How the Savings Plan Works.

Clients allocate USDC stablecoins to Q9s interest bearing Earn  product and a portion is drawn down and invested into their chosen crypto basket of crypto each  month. 

Each customer’s personal portfolio is diversified across a chosen basket of cryptocurrency baskets, or  themes, such as Blue Chips, Ethereum Killers, or the Metaverse. The investment menu is designed to meet the various goals and interests of a broad investor base. 

Removing the Emotion from Crypto Investing.

The Savings Plan utilizes “dollar-cost averaging” techniques and is designed to remove irrational decision making from the crypto investment process, mitigate timing risk, reduce the impact of short-term price volatility and smooth the entry point to  crypto over time. 

Client money is automatically invested into crypto at regular intervals in equal portions regardless of  the ups and downs in the market, meaning they don’t have to think about the right time to invest. 

Low Cost, Efficient Crypto Portfolios with Beneficial Ownership.

Unlike ETFs or mutual funds  where investors hold units representing ownership of underlying assets, Auto-Invest users have full  ownership of each crypto asset line-by-line, meaning they have full control of their individual account. 

The Savings Plan charges no management fees or trading commissions and clients can start  investing in these strategies with as little as $1,000.  

About Q9 Capital  

Q9 Capital is a full-service crypto investment platform for individuals and institutions. We combine  innovative products and personalised service to deliver a simple and safe solution for crypto investing.  Our best in class products, performance analytics and systematic investment offerings provide  investors with the tools they need to accumulate assets, maximize returns and generate income from  their crypto investments.

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