Crypto Appears Bullish As US Lawmakers Introduce “ECASH” Bill

Crypto holders globally have been excited with the recent upturn in popular cryptocurrency markets.

A group of US lawmakers have declared that the US Treasury Department may be the right entity to create a digital dollar – not the Federal Reserve. The “ECASH” bill (introduced 28/3/22), as it is being branded, would authorize just that.

The US Dollar token proposed would be a bearer based token, meaning that it would allow for completely anonymous transactions, similar to cash. The token would be held on a phone or card device, meaning that if you lose the device then you loose the tokens, just like a wallet with cash.

Whilst the bill is an interesting proposal it is rather doubtful that it will ever be passed.

ADA Breaks 7 Month Down Trend

Cardano has broken the 7 month bearish resistance trendline, and is now trading above the the 50 day moving average as well. Price is also back above the significant $1 USD mark. Could this be the start of Cardano’s next bull market?

Cardano can be staked at Binance with yields up to 11% p.a available! I stake Cardano both at Binance and through the Yori app.


Published by Tom Stewart

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